Raising funds for refugees via live music

Together we can create real change

Music has always inspired and transformed lives. And, through the simple act of donating £1, Support Act are asking you to help refugees whose lives have been turned upside down.

Support Act is a new initiative which asks all guest listers at live music events across London to pay just £1 for their entry – £1 which will help change lives.

We will distribute all the money we raise to Refugee Action and Road to Freedom, who in turn will provide help to distressed refugees on their journey – from the moment they’re forced to leave their homes right through to helping them rebuild their lives in the UK. Their work will assist thousands of people who are simply looking for a place of safety, and defend their rights in the face of authorities and politicians.

That is Support Act’s one simple, unifying mission: to help those less fortunate through the generosity of the promoters, venues and people who put on and enjoy live music in London.

Together we can create real change. So please: Support. Act.


Founded in 1981,  Refugee Action helps refugees who’ve survived some of the world’s worst regimes, getting them the basic support they need to live again with dignity and helping them build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK.

Road to Freedom is an organisation that aims to provide refugees fleeing war-torn countries with immediate aid, which includes food, clothing and hygiene kits.Working with official NGO’s and charities on the ground at borders and refugee camps, Road To Freedom personally hand aid to those men, women and children in desperate need.


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